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Composite Machinery B.V. is an innovative, pragmatic Dutch company that offers very competitive prices on composite machinery solutions for filament winding, pultrusion, and prepreg production lines.


With our expertise and knowledge of the international composite market, we help you optimize the performance and efficiency of your new production line. Our company specializes in constructing and supplying a wide range of well-functioning equipment, from standard to fully customized machinery, all reliable and easy to maintain.


We prioritize building strong relationships with our customers based on trust. Our team works closely with customers to provide outstanding service, comprehensive business cases and innovative solutions that support your growth and success.


We engineer, produce and install machines equipped with high-quality European brand components, like Siemens, Wittenstein and SKF. We are also proud partner of Korthfiber, the leading Brazilian manufacturer of composite machines.

filament winder
Prepreg technology



The servo creel is a fiber tension system with integrated tension sensors to add compliance and allow very dynamic tension variations. The electronic-controlled tensioning system is suitable for high-end applications.

Resin impregnation systems

Our production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art resin-impregnation systems, ensuring that each fiber is thoroughly and optimally saturated for the best strength and durability.


We deliver a multifunctional extraction machine that is highly flexible and suitable for processing tube lengths up to 17m and mandrel diameters up to ΓΈ 800mm.

Sanding machine

The sanding machine is a full CNC machine, equipped with a heavy duty sanding belt. The sanding belts grid can be selected based on your requirements and type of composite.

Drilling system

The drilling system in a composite production line is designed to create precise holes or cut-outs in the cured composite profiles.

Sawing system

The cutting system we can offer you, is a crucial component that ensures the final composite product is trimmed to precise lengths after the curing.

Filament winder

The filament winder is a system that can wind various composite products using fibers and resin. The fibers are wound in a specific pattern around a mandrel. This system is commonly used to create products like tanks, poles, tubes, and pipes.

Gelling station

A gelling station rotates the mandrels while curing the winded products. The mandrels are placed on supports that keep them rotating to prevent sagging or dripping of excess resin and ensure a straight product.

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Production process of Filament winding

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